Friday, September 28, 2012


I have been M.I.A.  Setting up my new studio in Denver, but finally my head is above water.  Been working on lots of cool projects.  Just finished glueing down this piece that is for Katherine Sandoz.  She is a great painter and illustrator.  We are trading.  I look forward to having her work mixed into my eclectic mix of art and objects that flood my walls.  This piece is in progress, I will grout once the glue has cured.  I will be mixing my own grout color with pure powder pigment from Sinopia located in SF.  It makes the grout color mega vibrant.  Katherine's piece was composed over the last few weeks, I feel obligated to note that Gardens & Villa has been on non stop over here, Neon Dove and the Gypsy cover are insane.  They are even better live because his flute carrier is off the chain.

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